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Santa Clara

I am a cat lover and a graphic designer with a keen eye for detail. Love minimal design and multiple visual perceptions. I also enjoy writing a few lines of copy from time to time.

What I do

Design / Web Design / Illustration


January 3rd, 1974



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I took my college degree in Product Design, at the Faculdade de Arquitetura, within the Lisbon University, with an average grade of 16/20.

Although not my first choice of degree (my passion was always graphic design), I learned a lot about team work, the design process and how to be organized and methodic. I also learned technical drawing by hand (yes, before CAD and computers) and designed a whole lot of chairs for five years.


FCB Lisbon

My first steps as a junior graphic designer were in the FCB Lisbon’s design team, directed by Luís Silva Dias and Edson Athayde.

I learned a lot from this amazing team and had the chance to follow the whole process of brand communication, from the client’s brief to the graphic production. This is where I saw my first designs published and on the streets. I was also in charge of the whole Beiersdorf Nivea campaign and POS materials in Portugal. I made many great friends there and I still miss those days.

  • Logo design

  • Corporate and event identity

  • Print design

  • Editorial


Here and there

During these years, I collaborated with a few design studios and event companies, as a designer and an inker.

I worked with well-known brands for great clients and experienced different working methods, being integrated in various teams. I met many very cool people in these places!

  • Santa Fe Associates

  • Walk Design

  • Polis Eventos

  • Atelier Paulo Palha

  • Consultório de Comunicação

2004 / 2015

My Own Company

I founded my own design atelier (Atelier Santa Clara), where I did pretty much everything.

This was a complete and enriching experience, because I had to work as a designer, art director, account manager and book keeper (and also had to clean up after myself). I really enjoyed working directly with my clients and understanding their needs. I am good at it. I developed a lot of terrific projects, with the help of some excellent collaborators, in many different areas. It was a fun challenge!

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • Web design

  • Consulting

  • Graphic production

2016 / Present


I’ve been developing several projects for different clients and started a small online business of creating illustrated portraits.

Along with my illustrations, I have been doing a lot of editorial and identity work, which I love. One of my recurrent clients these past few years has been the political party Bloco de Esquerda, especially during election campaign periods. It’s a great opportunity to practice my photo post-production skills, for their MUPIs and outdoor signage. They always give me a huge amount of work, with a lot of responsibility, but it’s very rewarding.

Now I’m waiting to hear about your new project. Let’s work together!

My Clients


  • Águamais - Comércio de Produtos Alimentares (food retailer)

  • Águas do Norte Alentejano (water company from Alentejo)

  • Alda Amaral (dental office)

  • Ana Conduto (artist and photographer)

  • APEL - Associação Portuguesa de Editores e Livreiros (portuguese agency of publishers and booksellers)


  • Banif Financial Group

  • Baobab (paintings for children)

  • Barclays Bank

  • Beiersforf Portugal (skin care products)

  • Bloco de Esquerda (political party)

  • Bom Sucesso - Design Resort, Leisure and Golf


  • Carpe Vinum (wine related events)

  • Casa das Jardas - Turismo Rural (rural tourism)

  • Cepsa (oil and gas company)

  • CIG - Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género (portuguese comission for citizenship and gender equality)

  • Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (portuguese data protection comission)

  • CPTP - Companhia Portuguesa de Trabalhos Portuários (portuguese company of port constructions)


  • Departamento de Matemática da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (department of mathematics)

  • Ducks - Consultoria, Produção e Serviços (graphic production consultant)


  • EDP - Energias de Portugal (portuguese electrical distributor)


  • Graal (religious, social and cultural NGO)

  • Grow - Centro de Explicações (tutoring center)


  • ICEL (cutlery manufacturer and retailer)

  • Ifavidro - Indústria de fabricação de vidro (glass manufacturer)

  • IPF - Instituto Português de Fotografia (portuguese institute of photography)

  • IP Qual - Intellectual Property and Quality

  • Intervisa (travel agency)


  • Junta de Freguesia de Campo de Ourique (parish council)

  • Just4Teens (parties and activities for teenagers)


  • Lipton Ice Tea


  • MPI - Meeting Planners International (corporate events)


  • Nova School of Business and Economics

  • Novartis (global healthcare company)


  • Oeiras Parque (shopping center)

  • Optimus (mobile network operator)


  • Pastelaria Aloma (pastry shop)

  • Pecado Original (romantic events)

  • Pimenta Rosa - Gastronomia e Ambientes (gourmet grocery store)

  • Polis - Viagens e Turismo (travel agency)

  • Poliversal (plastics manufacturer)

  • PT Comunicações (telecommunications service provider)


  • Recanto Infantil Mafalda (day care center)

  • Rosário Villalobos Atelier (artist’s studio)


  • Santillana Editores, S.A. (school book publisher)

  • Solar 3G - Energias de 3ª Geração (renewable energies company)

  • SPM - Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática (portuguese mathematical society)

  • Surfin - The Wave Shop (surf shop)


  • Taguspark (science and technology park)

  • Tempus Internacional (watches and jewelery trader)

  • Touch Group - Communication & Events


  • UEFA Euro 2004 (european football championship)


  • Zero Graus (frozen food store)